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Equal Suffrage League of Norfolk JESSIE E. TOWNSEND, PRESIDENT, 245 W. FREEMASON STREET (MRS. C. E.) NORFOLK, VIRGINIA 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. W. J. ADAMS 601 COLONIAL AVENUE 2ND VICE PRESIDENT MRS. G.L.P. STONE U.S.S. RICHMOND, NAVY YARD REC. SEC'Y MRS. L. C. MATHEWS 146 9TH STREET COR. SEC'Y MISS KATHERINE WICKER 345 DUKE STREET TREAS. MISS FANNIE L. GOLDSMITH 704 WESTOVER AVENUE ASS'T TREAS. MRS. M. A. HARTIGAN, JR. 16 STRATFORD APARTMENTS HONORARY VICE-PRESIDENTS: MISS ELLEN DUVAL MRS. BARTON MYERS MRS. CAREY WESTON Also from MIss Walker on auto Labor day others promised to pay .50 Received during the summer of 1915 as acting President Mrs Townsend in stationary & printed matter 10.00 From Mrs Greene to pay Mrs Stoner 5.00 " commissions on 10 subscriptions to W.'s Journal 3.00 " sale of pencils .30 " " " Woman's Journals .40 " " " "Purple Lady" donated to be sold by Mrs Stone .15 " commission on amt money in phone .30 " dues paid Mrs T by Mr Mudd Mrs. R. C. Taylor Mrs Jarvis 1.50 " acting Treasure Mrs Greene 3.00 " " " " by Sept 29th check 4.20 $28.35 Disbursed during summer, July to Oct 1915 For boy to clean, week ending July 31st, also Aug 7th $1.00 " Postage & special del'y to Mrs Valentine 1.20 " trip to Courtland to Farmer's Union meeting 3.00 " auto in Labor Day parade 2 hrs 20 m. 5.00 " Expenses Mrs Stoner Wash. D.C. speaker July 5th 5.00 " woman to clean twice during Sept .50 " Extra Woman's Journals for Labor meeting 1.00 " Stationary & printed matter rec'd on account 10.00 26.70 Jessie E. Townsend acting President