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A bore is a guy who is here today and here tomorrow. [cartoon of a child? in an ankle length garment holding a string attached to a small wheeled toy]

[Calendar page for September 1945,]

1 At home, with Martie & Dottie

2 Went to church with my family-nice. Wonderful being with them always.

3 Gotta go back to-nite. Hope this is my last time to leave them.

4 Arrived at dear ole Ft. Meade 10:A.M. By 5 P.M. was in Co. C. 15th Bn. 4th Regt.

5 Took things easy. No workie but good eats.

6 Filed application for Release to P.O. Doubtful. 7 Had a nice (?) 9 mile hike, whew!

8 Very little work to do. Off at 12 Noon and to Baltimore.

[black and white head and shoulders photo] MARLENE DIETRICH 55