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Deposition of Ann Sheehy, taken at the residence of Edward Sheehy in the Town of Alexandria District of Columbia on thursday the 3rd day of October one Thousand eight hundred & forty four, beginning at five OClock P.M. to be read in evidence on behalf of Bridget McLaughlin in a certain cause now depending before the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia in which the Bank of Potomac and others are complainants and the said Bridget McLaughlin & others defts. The said Ann Sheehy being very infirm, this deposition is taken de bene esse, in pursuance of the annexed notice. The deponent being of lawful age, and first duly sworn, deposes and says as follows: That she is the daughter of Edward McLaughlin decd. and sister of Bridget McLaughlin one of the defendants. That Bridgett commenced attending in the store of her father about twelve months after she arrived in the United States which to the best of her recollection was late in the year of eighteen hundred & eleven and in which capacity she continued until his death, her time was entirely devoted to his business - the Deponent states that about the last of the year 1816 or the beginning of the year '17 the said McLaughlin called on his daughter the sd. Deponent and told her that his daughter the sd. Bridget was about leaving him and opening a store in a house that had been offered to her by her uncle W. Sherron for herself, and he said that if she should leave him it would be the breaking of him up and asked the Deponent to persuade her not to take such a notion in her head