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9 Question by same. Did the said person who offered to purchase the negroes see them before he made his offer. Answer. I pointed the two women to him as they passed along. & told him that John could be seen in the jail. Question by same. Where did the two live at the time you refer to? Answer. I do not know certainly where they lived, but they were backwards & forwards at Miss Bridget McLaughlin's. I believe they lived in Alexandria. Question by same. What was the name of the person who offered to purchase the negroes? Answer. I do not remember his name, though I knew it at the time. Question by same. Did you mention his name to Hugh C. McLaughlin or to Bridget McLaughlin? Answer. I mentioned it to Miss Bridget & I think that after meeting with Mr. H. C. McLaughlin, I mentioned the transaction to him, & he went with me to look for Miss. Bridget McLaughlin. Question. Was Hugh C McLaughlin or James Sheehy present when the bill of sale was produced to be executed by Miss Bridget? & if so, did they hear what you said at the time? Answer. I do not think they were present & if they were within hearing I did not see them. Question by same. At a subsequent time, did not the man who offered to purchase the negroes, as above stated, state to you that he was glad he had not purchased them. Answer. He said, some days after the bargaining was broken off, that he was glad he had not got John, because he was not as good a negro as he expected.