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The depostion of Capt. Joshua Hutchinson taken at the office of chr. Neale in the Town of Alexandria, on Monday the 8th April 1839 between the hours of Ten A.M. and Six P.M. of that day, agreeably to notice given the adverse party [a true copy of which is here to annexed] which deposition is to be read in evidence on behalf of Lucinda Scott Executrise of Richard M Scott, on the trial or hearing of the suit now depending on the chancery side of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, for the County of Alexandria, where in Robert Marshall is Compt. & the said Executrix is deft. This deponent being first duly qualified, cautioned and sworn according to Law deposeth and saith. Question 1st by deft. Are you personally well acquainted with the Compt. in this cause? Answer I am. 2nd Did you ever have any conversation with the Compt. respecting his age? If yea, state what that conversation was, and when it took place. Answer I had a conversation with the Compt.[Robt. Marshall] concerning his age, but do not now recollect what he said on the subject, except, that he distinctly stated, to this deponent of his own free will that