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for it was agreed on by us when we Bargaind question by the same did you you answer I heard him say that if his Father would let them atone and let them [sew?] [i.e. sue?] for the money that was owing for the money that was owing for the negro that I would be willing for the negro to be sold to pay the Debt question by the same did Wm Mccommock Sell The negro to pay the Debt or not answer I under Stood that the negro was Sold to pay that Debt question by the Same Who did you under stand By that the negro was sold by to pay that debt Answer by Wm Mccommack question by the same Did you believe when you bought the negro of Wm Mccommack that he had a good right to her Answer I allways thought his title good but for fear When I Bought the negro I thought that I would Be Safe and lack security question by the same What did you give for the negro woman and Childe Answer [$]100 how long was it from the Time you first got possession of the girl until you purchased answer near 2 years question by same What do you think the Negro Woman and Children Is now worth answer I think either $500 or $550 question by the same of Whome did you get possession of the negro when you first got her answer I do not recol[l]ect But when we agreed at Wm Mccommacks Both Anderson and Wm preasent that She was to be sente to me the next day and Accordingly She was sent the negro was at that time living at Andersons Mcommacks question by same how long had the negro bin in Andersons possession at that time answer about 2 years and upwards Question by the same Did you not pay the the $120 to Anderson Macommack & others answer We Did Question by the did the arbration [arbitration] take place before you Bought the negro or not answer I think 5 or Six months before question by the same when you purchast [purchased] The negro woman and child of Wm Mccommack in the year 1824 the hire for that year was deducted from the purchase money answer yes it was question by the Same When you under Stood by Anderson that the right lay in his father he then told me that there was a bond abalance of about $300 to be paid for the negro and when he haed [heard] that he Expected to get the negro was to be his his question by the same did you ever heare Wm Mccommack Say any thing about this negro belonging to his three first children Answer I think I have heard him Say that he Intended it question by the same When you purcharst [purchased] the negro did you no [know] that Anderson had Bought John Mccommack and Abraham Showater Interst in said negro answer yes I Did question by pla[i]ntiff was it not by Wm Mccommack Consent that you paid Anderson the $120 answer Yes it was question by the pla[i]ntiff hoo [who] paid you The Expense for the negro womans lying answer Wm Mccommack question by the pla[i]ntiff Is ther[e] no other Sercumstance [circumstance] made you believe That the negro girl was sold to pay the debt Before aluded to only his teling [telling] you so Answer it was a common report and I Neaver heard any thing to the contrary further this affiant sayeth not. Joseph Showalter