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The deposition of Balda McDaniel of lawful age taken at the Washington Inn this 13th day of October 1824 in pursuance of notice, and a Commission directed to us, to be made as evidence in the trial of a suit now depending in the superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District in which William Robertson and Elizabeth his wife are plaintiffs and John North Executor of Robert Burton dec. and others are defendants. This deponent being first duly sworn deposeth, and saith, That he was one of the Commissioners, who settled the administration account of the said Executor, Tat the commission of ten per cent allowed to the said Executor by the commissioners on settling his administration account, was not in consideration of any extraordinary services which he had then rendered, but was in consideration of the said Executor, having the management of a part of the said Burtons estate for a considerable time, perhaps until the infant Robert Kelley became of age, and expecting that no further allowance was or ever would be thereafter made for his services to be performed, they anticipated his trouble and allowed what they deemed sufficient compensation for the services then or thereafter to be performed. Question by the Defendant What is the tract of land belonging to the late Robert Barton worth per acre Answer I suppose about seven Dollars & fifty cent Balda McDaniel Corporation of Lynchburg to witt The above deposition of Balda McDaniel was taken subscribed and sworn to before us Justices of the Peace for the corporation aforesaid at the time and place named in the caption this 13th October 1824 Allen McDaniel Daniel Brander