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Virginia to wit, At a Superior court of chancery holden in the town of Lynchburg the 19th day of October 1820. Thomas Bowles and Janetta his wife late Janetta Burton & Myrtilla Burton Plts against John North and George Whitlocke executors of Robert Burton deceased Robertson and Elizabeth his wife and Robert B Kelleay an infant by John Bullocke specially assigned his guardian Dfts This cause came on this day to be heard by consent of the adult parties by their Counsel. and of the infant by his guardian, on the bill answers and an exhibit, and was argued by counsel. On consideration wherof the court being of opinion that the testator intended that the female Plaintiffs should be hired out to those of their own choice, for their own benefit, until by law they might be emancipated free from any condition, and that it is the duty of the executors of the testators will to see to the execution of it, in this respect most scrupulously lest so benevolent a purpose as that designed by the Testator of giving freedom in act to the said Plaintiffs in their native land notwithstanding the condition in the act may be frustrated. Wherefore the court doth adjudge order and decree that the Defendants the executors of the Will of the said Testator admitting assets for that purpose do now pay the legacy over to the plaintiffs Thomas Bowles and Janetta his wife & to the other Plaintiff when she shall by the terms of the will be entitled thereto, and that the said executors out of the estate of their testator in their hands to be administered