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the first year, should they through the infirmities of old age or any other cause, be rendered unable to maintain themselves, my will and desire is that they may be supported out of that part of my estate devised to R. B. Kelly. Item I give and bequeath to my grandson Robert B. Kelly my clock, all my books, my smallest gun and brace of pistols. But if he dies before he comes of age, my desire is that every bequest made to him herein, may revert to my other grandchildren, to them and their heirs forever. Item, In the event that my daughter Elizabeth Robertson should be left a widow my desire is that she may move into in this State and live on this place during her widowhood with R. B. Kelly. Item, My will and desire is, that all my just debts be paid. I do hereby constitute appoint my two highly esteemed friends George Whitlock of Lynchburg and John North Senr of Bedford County executors of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand and seal this 6th day of August 1818 Robert Burton (Seal) Signed Sealed & Acknowledged In presence of Thos Moore Chas G Cobbs Evan Snead This my Codicil made and annexed to my will this 5th day of February one thousand eighteen hundred and nineteen. My will and desire further is that in case that either of my two servant girls Jenetta or Myrtilda should have offspring that they shall be entitled to the same privileges as is granted in my will to the aforesaid two girls and that whenever the laws of the State of Virginia will permit that they be emancipated Robert Burton (Seal) Signed & Sealed In presence } Joel Yancy Wm Rucker