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Harriet B Brewer Guardian of Jesse B Brewer agt } Off: Jud June Supr Ct 1846 Wm. N. Ivey co obligor with Robert R Butt Execution issued 22 June 1849 returnable to Sept Rules 1840 Executed & the defendant in exoneration of his body tendered property to wit: negro man Sam, which property was restored upon his entering into and acknowledging a forthcoming bond with Thomas Williams as security, which bond has been forfeited and is herewith returned. R. G. Baylor Shff. Jud [Judgment] on F. C. Bond agt Williams only Nov Supr Ct 1840 Execution issued 28 Nov 1840 returnable to Feby Rules 1841 Executed & the deft committed to prison who was released by giving a prison bound bond with Wm. Lambert & Moses Bonney, [as] securities which bond is filed in execution of Williams v Williams and the deft was afterwards released by delivering up several negroes & afterward satisfied & paid as per receipt of plts: attorney hereon. R. G. Baylor Shff Amt: $119.28 Int from Feby Rules 1841 Extracts Teste Arthur Emmerson CC