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of Property belonging to Thos. Williams: if so, state about what time the Sale took place, what property was disposed of and what occurred that attracted your particular notice at that Sale?

Answer. I do not recollect the time precisely, I was present at the Sale. Two Tracks of Land were sold, one negro woman and boy her child, the boy was not present at the time of Sale. I was bidding on a piece of land that Lambert bought and Mr. Williams came up and requested me not to bid on the land as it was to be bought in for him. I was under that impression myself and thought the land that Lambert bought sold cheaper. I thought the Farm bought by Mr. Portlock, also sold cheap, I thought it was worth form $800 to $1000. The negro woman and child I thought sold under a disadvantage, not have her child with her and sold for much less in consequence, such was the general impression it was believed the property would be bought in for Williams & Williams endeavored to [illegible] that belief by running the the property down.

Question by same. For whom was it generally supposed the property was bought.

Answer. It was generally supposed it was bought for Williams. Cross examined by Defendant's Counsel. When Bill was sold under Fentress' exception, did you not become security of Fentress' on an indemnifying Bond required of him to the Sergt in consequence of Ivy's claim?

Answer. I did -

Question by same. Did you not purchase the negro Bill at the Sale?

Answer. I did - at $210 he was a boy between 9 & 11 years old.

Question to same. Were you not afterwards told by Jno. T. Millson as Trustee for Mr [illegible] Ivy in an action of [illegible] to record the said Boy at his alternate value?

Answer. I was.

Question by same. Was not Judgment rendered against you in said Suit & have you not since settled with the [illegible] the execution issued on said Judgment?

Answer. Yes.

Question by same. Have you not since sued Frentress to recover the amount & paid to you?

Answer. Yes.

Question by same. What was the age of the Woman sold by Col Millson?

Answer. I do not know.

Question by same. What was the age of her boy?

Answer. I do not know.

Question by same. Did you hear or see Portlock and Millson or either of them say or do anything either at the Sale, or at any other time calculated to create the impression that the property offered at the said Sale was to be bid on for the benefit of Thos. Williams?

Answer. I did not. Question by same. Was not the impression of which you have spoken caused solely by the conduct of Thos Williams, at the Sale?