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The Deposition of witnesses taken by me James Parker Not'y. Public for the City of Norfolk on a suit in Chancery depending in the circuit Sup Court of Law and Chancery for the Court of Norfolk in which Thos William's complainant and Wm N Ivy, Jno S Miller, Miles Portlock and others are defendants to be read as evidence on behalf of the complainant taken at the office of Robert E Taylor in the City of Norfolk on [Friday?] 31 August 1849 between the hours of 9 A.M and 1 P.M. pursuant to notice hereto [annexed] - The Deponent John Gaynor having been first sworn on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God by me deposes and says - in answer to the following interrogatories -

Question first by Plaintiff's counsel. What do you know of any Lumber got out of Cook's woods in Norfolk County by Thos. Williams and William N. Ivy? Answer - I know but very little about it myself. There was a pile of [illegible] on the road which I seen as I passed which I understood were Mr Ivy's [illegible], and ask'd Ivy if he would give me some. Ivy told me that he was in partners with Thos Williams, and told me to ask him, and if he were willing, then the deponent could have them. I saw Mr Williams and he consented and I took about a dozen of them which I did not pay for. Question by same. When did this conversation between Ivy and yourself take place?

Answer: I do not recollect the exact time. Question by same