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Williams, and the expenses received, as the bills of sales, memorandums of expenses and receipts, were left with me to settle the accounts by and were afterwards allowed by Mr. Ivy. The slaves purchased by Mr. Williams were shipped by Mr. Ivy to Louisiana. The profits of these slaves were to be divided between Messrs Ivy and Williams; it was a joint concern between them. Upon the return of Mr. Ivy from Louisiana I was called upon by both the gentlemen, Messrs Williams and Ivy, to make out their partnership accounts, of the whole transactions. This was in August, 1845. I did make out the accounts, and furnished each with a copy. The account so made out by me, shewed a balance of $1906 12/100 due to Mr. Ivy, after allowing all the charges and credits on both sides up to August 1845. 2. questions by defendant Ivy; counsel. Did you draw off a regular account shewing the items, and the exact balance, and was that account exhibited to the said Williams and Ivy?

Answer. I did. and presented a copy to each of them. 3. Question by name. Was any objection made to that account, by the plaintiff Williams?

Answer. When I presented the account to Williams, I read it to him; he expressed some doubt about a negro that was charged in Mr. Ivy; a/c as drowned in Louisiana, and a woman named Lizzie, sold by Mr. Ivy and upon which he was sued and compelled to refund and pay expenses. Mr. Williams objected to these items, and stated that he wished to inquire further about them. These were the only objections made to the account by Mr. Williams, that I now recollect.