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11. Question by the same. Please explain the paper last filed, No. 9.?

Answer. This account shews that Mr. Williams paid $765 for Jack, $800 for George, $450 for Lizzie, $126.37 for Mills, $ 700 for Bill Shepherd, $1000 for Bill White, and $167.25 for expenses, this item of which expenses are to be found on this account to the right- in a paralel column; making the whole sum paid by Williams for negroes & expenses $4008.62 to which is added the two [illegible] of $78.33 and $68.33 paid by him for discount in the 1st and 2nd note renewed at Exchange Bank, making $4155 28/100, with which last sum the paid Williams is credited in account No. 7. This sum on No. 9 is deducted from the sum of $4921.67 nett proceeds of discount received by Williams, and a balance then shewn of $766.39 left in his hand, upon which interest is calculated for 6 years, making this aggregate sum of William indebtedness $1042.29; and underneath, is the sum of $7.83 over credited as interest &c. Beneath the above items, on the right hand margin, are to be found the items in reference to Ivy's account shewing the sum of $1024 credited by Ivy to the concern for the hires of George, Jack, Mill, Bill Shepherd, and Bill White, from the 1st of March 1839 to the 15th Feb. 1841, and immediately following are found the credits for the sale of the slaves sold by Ivy in Louisiana, viz George, $950; Jack $800, Bill Shepherd $800; Mills $150. Lizzie $480; aggregate of $4204; from which is deducted the sum of $605.60 made up of the following items found on the left margin of the paper, viz. paid by [suit?] for Lizzie $520, advertising sale in Franklin $5 [illegible] auctioneer $9. Sundry clothing $37.60 [Allmand?] for freight a Pelican $34. Deducting $605.00 from the $4204, leaves a balance of $3598.40; and below is an entry of $105. [Page] 3.