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cash received by Ivy from Vermillian, which was also for hires. In the account No 8, Ivy is debited with the sum of $4309, which is made up of the two sums $4204. and $105, and is credited with the sum of $605.60 Accounts No. 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all in my handwriting, and the entries were made at the time of settlement.

Question by the same. In the account No. 6, I perceive that Williams is charged with the sum of $125.30/100 amount overpaid Williams on bond for J. F. Henderson, and one years Interest on same $7.50/100; will you please explain those entries?

Answer. There were some judgments which had been paid by Mr Williams for Ivy, for which Mr Ivy paid him back/ and among them was one upon the bond of J. F. Henderson, which Ivy had paid to Williams, in order to settle the judgments. Williams failing to pay the same, Ivy paid it himself, and Williams then directed me to charge it against him on his account. Question by same. Will you please look at the paper now shewn you, (Marked No. 10 and filed herewith), and state whether it is the same bond that was produced and shewn to you at the time of making out the accounts between Williams and Ivy?

Answer. It is the same bond. There is a calculation of figures made upon this bond, by myself, at the time mentioned, relating to the other judgments paid by Mr. Williams for Mr. Ivy. The figures are the following: on the right hand upper corner of the back of the bond, viz. "218.24, 119.28", added making "337.52" added to "69.85", making "407.37."