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The deposition of Pleasant Partin, taken at Mosby & Speed's office on the 22nd of Sept, 1847, pursuant to notice, to be read as evidence on the trial of the suit of Jackson by &c vs Jackson & others, pending in the Cir. Supr. Court of Prince Edward. Being sworn, deponent saith, State how & in what manner, you paid Dr. Wm K Smith for the 5 negroes bought of him in Octo. 1834, of them being the same involved in this suit? Answer I purchased the 6 negroes myself in person in the house of Jas. M. Jackson in Farmville on the 29th of October 1834, as the bill of sale for Lucy & David now filed marked B will show, the other negroes I gave at the time to my grand Son Henry Jackson, and directed Dr. Smith of whom I purchased the negroes to make a bill of sale to James M Jackson the father of Henry Jackson, believing that he would be the best and proper guardian for his child and as directed the bill of sale to be made and at the time believed it was so made and now believe it was so made, as I think will be seen, if the bill of sale can be produced. James M Jackson as my agent paid the money in Farmville for the purchase of the negroes, for me, and on the next day drew on my for $750 part of the purchase money which I paid as will be seen by the Draft now filed marked D, the balance of the purchase money I paid to him toward a debt of his in Lynchburg. At the time, he paid the money for me to D.