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To restrain and injoin the defendant John H. Smith, his agents and all concerned form removing, or in any manner permitting or causing the girl mentioned in the bill, named Grace, to be removed out of this Commonwealth untill the future order of the Court. And in the service of this subpoena on him, unless the said John H. Smith shall execute and deliver to the Sheriff, his bond with good security in the penalty of $1000: conditioned not to remove or under any circumstances permit or cause the girl Grace to be removed out of this Commonwealth as aforesaid, then the sheriff is directed forthwith, wherever found, to take the said girl into his custody, and hold her, subject to the order of the court, and in this event he may hire her out, taking bond with good security for the hire, and for her return to answer any future decree or order in the cause. And to restrain the Farmers Bank, this Trustee, agent etc from selling or otherwise disposing of the two other negroes named in the bill, Mary & Anthony untill the further order of the Court. R. J. Worsham, C.C. Jackson by etc vs Smith etc}Spa Inj. To Jany Rules 1847. Executed on James M. Jackson the 14th day of December 1846 by delivering to him a true coppy of the within subna in Chancery C. H. Clarke D.S. for Thos S Dicken [illegible]