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1) The deposition of Edward M. Mittainer of [lawful?] age Taken at the Tavern house of William King, in Prince Edward County in the state [of] Virginia, to be read as evidence in a Suit [now] pending and undetermined in the Circuit Court for the County of Prince Edward, in which Edward Williams (who sues for the benefit of Edward H. Bass) is plaintiff and John Stevens is defendant: This deponent having been first duly sworn, deposeth & sayeth in answer to interrogatories as follows to Wit: Question by plaintiff: State if you know the slaves Sally, Paulina, Jane, Monroe & Indiana sold by Edward Williams to John Stevens: State their value at the time of the sale, if you know when it was made, and also any conditions stipulated between said Williams & Stevens for the redemption by Williams of said slaves or any of them, & also state any thing within your Knowledge concerning said slaves & the trade between Williams & Stevens? Answer I do know the slaves, Sally, Paulina, Jane, Munroe, & Indianna & have become the purchaser of the slave Jane mentioned above I don't know that I know the value of the slaves at the time of the sale but the general impression was and it was my own that they sold much below their market value I don't think the slaves at the time of the sale to Stevens could have been worth much less than Eighteen hundred dollars. The sale was made in the spring of the year 1845. I never heard Capt Stevens say any thing about the conditions of the sale of the negroes or that the had made any arrangement to let Mr Williams