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The answer of John Stevens to a Bill filed against him in the Circuit Court of Prince Edward County by Edward Williams. This Respondent saving all benefit of exception to the many errors mistatements inaccuracies and insufficiencies in said Bill, for answer thereto or to so much thereof as he is advised it is material that he should answer, Says that it is true as stated by the plaintiff that on the [blank] day of March in the year 1845 he the plff was the owner of five negroe slaves but he denies that they were likely or valuable. Salley was a woman about 28 years old but she was very unlikely and diseased and deformed and had been held by said Williams under treatment for twelve or fourteen years, rendering her almost unmanageable and worthless. The remaining four were mulattoes and children of the woman Salley. Paulina was a girl 12 years old, Jane not above 8 years old, Munroe a boy between 3 & 4 years old, and Martha a girl between 3 & 4 months old, the same the plff call in his Bill Indianna and says she was four years old. The negroes were every way undesirable property small mulatto children of a diseased mother, a charge at the time, and badly managed, the plff himself a man with whom this Respondent wished to have no transactions. This Respondent had not the money in hand