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Your petitioner understands that great liberty has been manifested by the legislature towards persons who have fairly acquired their species of property by descent or marriage. Your petitioner has been always an inhabitant of the state and having acquired this property before the passage of the law against bringing in slaves he thinks it would be peculiarly hard if he should be prevented. His case is the more peculiarly hard as the Negroe man since his exchange has been taught the Trade of a carpenter in the state of Tennessee and would be of great value to your petitioner who follows for a livelihood the business of a carpenter But for this circumstance he could dispose of the Negroe for which his brother exchanged the other and vest the money in another. It is unnecessary for him to dwell on the value of a good carpenter of character to man who is a work man and who of course could make the most of him. He hopes the legislature will take his case into consideration and in as much as bringing back the Negroe