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enough to pass your exam. as you are so anxious to. but its going to be mighty hard on your eyes. but if you have to go to the army you will not be there long. Jene[Eugene Basil Harris] got his service questionnaire last week. I guess they will clean the boys up in Jan. call you said you had to get some clothes go no and get a good suliply of clothes you certainly need some if you have to go to the army you will need them when you come back dont expeck you will get a dollar afer the war to buy a Handkerchief

[Ted or Ied?] liked to been with you Sun and get a pice of Turkey I certainly do like [Flanett?] she seems like a sister I forgot to give Aunt Minnie [Willoughby Kidd] her cactuce Oh - Chubby is still having fixs got the scratches too she had a fix while I was up there run off stayed 2 day. I havent seen Sister [Harris Stevens] since the Sat we went to Lynchburg I hear from her she is getting along fine I want to see the baby [Linda Mae Stevens] so bad she looks like a doll. wish you could come home every week end like