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124 - 125 Legislative chairman for Va. was present at this meeting In Jan. another meeting was held at which ways and means for raising money was discussed The chairman reported two more cablegrams sent to Prest. Wilson.

March 26 - A meeting was called by the chairman and held at her home. Only three members were present. It was disclosed by the chairman Mrs. [Sophie G.] Meredith that the grave of Miss Van Lew former Postmaster of Richmond and pioneer suffragist of Virginia was cared for only by individual effort and it was suggested that a fund be raised for the perpetual care of the section. Letters have been written to Mrs [Pauline Forstall Colclough] Adams Norfolk, Mrs. Barbour Roanoke, Mrs. [Elizabeth Dabney Langhorne Lewis] Otey of Lynchburg enclosing lists of questions about new congressmen Mr. Bland of Newport News and Mr. Woods of Roanoke with the request that any information about them be sent to Va. headquarters.