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150 - 151 Success of Ballot for Women California Legislature Passes Concurrent Resolution

That the State of California may go on record as favoring woman suffrage and once and for all deny all statements that the equal franchise has not worked out well there, a concurrent resolution has been passed by both houses of the State Legislature, and was signed by the Governor on May 12. It is officially known as Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 22, Relative to the Correction of Erroneous Reports Regarding California's Experience Under Woman Suffrage. The text of the resolution is as follows:

Whereas, The issue of woman suffrage is pending in many States of the Union; and Whereas, The operation and effect of the enfranchisement of women in California is being constantly misrepresented in such States and used there as arguments in opposition to the granting of suffrage to women; therefore be it Resolved by the Senate of the forty-first session of the Legislature of the State of California, the Assembly concurring, That the experience of this State amply justifies the adoption of woman suffrage by the people in October, 1911; and be it further. Resolved, That so successful has been the operation and effect of granting political rights to women equal to those held by men, that is generally conceded that were the question to be again voted on by the people of this State, it would be reendorsed by an overwhelming majority; and be it further Resolved, That the adoption of woman suffrage by California is one of the important factors contributing to the marked political, social, and industrial advancement made by our people in recent years, and that any disparagement of the cause of woman suffrage attempted elsewhere on the ground that woman suffrage is not satisfactory to this State, has no basis in fact, and is signally disproved by the acknowledged intelligence and discrimination shown by women voters in the settling of our great political and industrial problems at the polls, - New York Evening Post May 25, 1915

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