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6-1 Continued. Cpt. Bun. Lt. Brotherton Prindel, McClemins Kakanck & I were ahead of column. Two M.P.s fired upon us twice. Horse stampeded also McClemins Kakanck dived in ditch. An air plane swooped near road and open mch gun fire. Also fired 3 sig akets. With a scouting party we took the M.P. who were hiding in straw stacks & who had fired - 2 automatics - 2 Rifles

6/2 6.20 AM more refugees, firing on front. Horses not in yet detail after then. slept on ground about 1 hr. last night. Pulled to camp about 2 P.M.

6/3 Resting Batterys going into position tonight. Trip to H. R. Reg.

6/4 - 7 Bt. H.Q. & Guns. Fr Batt 75 cross road, some shelling on enemy. Air planes & Ob. Balloons brought down, Marines adv. 3 K.M. take 200 prisoners, 2 towns, one [illegible] $75.