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But i fully believe I will be there certainly by Feb. 15th any way. If i don't I will be a disappointed man-Every body is talking now about where we are going to land over there and they seem to think it will be in Charleston, S.C. and go from there to Camp Jackson Columbia S.C. for that is where this division is originally from- Now of course this all just what I have heard, and there might not be anything to it - for every day I hear something new that we are going to do-

Had a long letter from Aunt Lula today - dated Oct 31st but two days before had one from Mama written Nov 15th but I often get mail that way-

Well its not but it short while before Christmas and I certainly you all will have a happy one - and I know you will- I am sitting in a room now with an old she runs a little store in one and uses the other for a bed room, so I asked her could go in and write on her table