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3. or such, or so many of them as may be necessary to pay and satisfy the above note and interest, or whatever may be due, and unpaid thereon, and out of the proceeds of sale, after paying all the costs and expenses thereof, including a commission of five per cent, to the trustee, shall pay to the said Aaron Leggett, his heirs, personal representatives or assigns, whatever may be due or remain unpaid of the said debt of one thousand dollars and interest, and the balance of said proceeds of sale, if any, the said trustee shall pay over to the said William Stonnel, his heirs, personal representatives or assigns. But should the said William Stonnel pay and satisfy the said note and interest, as the same shall become due, then this deed shall be void, otherwise shall remain in full force and Virtue. Witness the following signatures and seals William Stonnell his mark {Seal} Francis L. Smith {Seal} County of Alexandria, to wit: I, Robert J. Smith, a Notary Public for the County aforesaid, in