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Know all men by these presents that I Patrick Ramsay of the County of Alexandria and District of Columbia, for and in consideration of five dollars to me in hand paid by William A. Dangerfield, & in consideration of the said William A. Dangerfield becoming my security in an appeal and writ of error, which I have taken out from a Judgement against me, at the Suit of Edmund J. Lee, [Trustee?] &c, Late [pronamed?] in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria. Have granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto this said William A. Dangerfield, Three Negroes. by name Frederick, Robert, and Francis _ aged about, the one thirty _ years, the other about nineteen_ years, and one other aged about Eleven years. To have and to hold the several negroes above named unto the said William A. Dangerfield his Executors, administrators and assigns, forever. In Trust nevertheless, for the following purposes, that is to say. In case the Judgement of the circuit court of the District of Columbia for the County of Alexandria, shall be affirmed. Then & in that Case to sell so many of the aforesaid negroes, as will pay and satisfy the said Judgement, and all costs and damages attending the same, and the appeal aforsd.