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In consideration of Fifty dollars to me in hand paid by Lydia Middleton the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I have sold and conveyed and by these presents do sell and convey to the said Lydia Middleton, a male child a slave the ofspring of Negro Anny, now about eighteen months old called Samuel, which said Negro child Samuel to the said Lydia Middleton her heirs and assigns as a slave for life I do hereby warrant and defend against the claim or demand of all persons whatsoever. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 3d December 1831. John Harper (Seal} Witness T Peyton, John W. Barker At a United States Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, continued & held for the County of Alexandria the first day of November 1832; John Harper acknowledged this bill of sale to Lydia Middleton to be his act and deed - which is ordered to be recorded. Teste, Edm: J. Lee C.C.