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Know all men by these presents that I James Taylor of the Town of Alexandria and the State of Virginia have sold unto [struck through] William Holley of the Town and State aforesaid the following Negros to serve him his heirs or assigns, the Terms of years affixed to Each of their Names after the expiration of which term of years they are to be Emancipated and free agreeable to an Act of Assembly now in force in this State Viz Negroe Charity to serve Six years, Negroe Bob to serve Twenty years and Negroe Jacob to serve Twenty three years from this Twenty Eighth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety One Witness my hand and Seal this day and year above [illegible] James Taylor (seal) Test H Gilpin James Watson William Holley of the Town of alexandria and State of Virginia have purchased & from the above signd James Taylor three Negroes Viz negroe Chartiy negroe bob and negroe