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his Heirs & assigns forever the following Tracts of Land to wit one Tract containing eleven hundred & fifty Acres situated lying and being in the County of Campbell, called, known & distinguished by the name of the Iron Ore Bank Tract, purchased of the said James Deering the Boundaries whereof will appear by Reference to the Deed of the said James Deering therefor recorded in Campbell Court, and one other Tract of Land purchased by the said Scott of Daniel McCoy, containing one hundred and twenty five Acres, the Boundaries whereof will more fully appear by the said Daniel McCoys Deed therefor, also of Record in the same Court, with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining; also for the same purpose and for the further Consideration of one Dollar to him in Hand paid by the said Benjamin Haden, at and before the Sealing & Delivery of these Presents, the Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, he, the said Robert Scott hath bargained, sold, & delivered, & by these Presents doth bargain, sell & deliver to the said Benjamin Haden his Heirs & assigns forever the following Slaves to wit. George & his Wife Diana, Jenny, Franky, Jack & Delphy & her Children Moses & his wife Sally, Lewis, Anthony, & Belinda their children Thom & his wife Lucy, Ned, Daniel & Sam their children, also John & [Jimmy?] two negro men Upon trust and in Special Confidence nevertheless that in Case the said Thomas S. Holloway Administrator as aforesaid of John Mitchell Jrn'r deceased shall cast the said Robert Scott in the Suit aforesaid, and Suit shall be instituted & Judgment shall be obtained against the said James Deering or his Representatives, on the Bond executed by him as aforesaid, as Security for the said Robert Scott, to the