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Representatives. And the said Robert Scott for himself and his Heirs doth covenant with the said Benjamin Haden his Heirs & assigns, that at the Time of executing this Indenture he is seized & possessed of a good sure absolute & undefeasible Estate in the Land & Slaves herein before described and named; and that in Case of a Sale, he and they shall & will render quiet & peaceable possession to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, & shall & will execute in a legal & proper Manner any Deed or other Instrument of Writing which may be devised or advised, the better to secure his, her, or their Title therein. In Testimony whereof the parties have hereunto set their Hands, & affixed their Seals, the Day & Year first above written. interlined in 2d & 3d pages before signing. Robt Scott {Seal} Benj'n Haden {Seal} James Deering {Seal} Signed, Sealed, acknowledged & delivered in presence of } John Levy Wm V. Haden Jams M. Haden At a Court held for Campbell County October 10th 1808. This deed of Trust was acknowledged by Robert Scott and James Deering parties thereto and Ordered to be recorded Teste Ro Alexander C.C.C.