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John Hay his heirs and assigns for ever upon Trust Nevertheless that if the aforesaid Archelaus Gilliam or his legal representatives should fail to pay to the said James Russell or to his legal representatives the aforesaid sum of money together with the lawful Interest which shall accrue thereon at the time it shall become due it shall and may be lawful for the said John Hay at the request of either party to proceed to sell the aforesaid slaves and other property herein before described or so much as will be sufficient to satisfy the said James Russell his debt and Interest as aforesaid and also the Costs of drawing and recording this Indenture and all other expences attending the Carrying said Trust into execution having advertised the place of sale which shall take place at Campbell Court house for Ten days previous to its taking place in one of the Lynchburg papers and after satisfying said James Russell the aforesaid debt together with such Interest as shall lawfully accrue thereon and all costs attending the Conveying the said trust into execution to pay to the said Archelaus Gilliam or his legal representatives the balance if any should remain and the said Gilliam obliges himself and his heirs in case of any deficiency of said property not paying said debt