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Major John Carr that there were two negroes of the names of Ned and Judy given by the sd Will to the sd Overton as a specific Legacy independent of those that fell to the share of the sd Overton at the different distribution as mentioned in the Petition aforesaid, and this affiant knows and sweard, that in the Family of his Father the said Overton in Maryland, there were two negroes of those named when this affiant always understood the sd Overton got of the Estate of his Father the sd Major Carr in Virginia, and who this affiant believes were the same negroes given by the wife of the sd Major John Carr to the said Overton & which Negroes, this affiant knows were emancipated by his Father the said Overton a number of years before his Death. That this affiant can account for the silence which his Father the said Overton about the Time of his Death, held with regard to the negroes he had given his son in Law the said Samuel had given the said Overton some assurance that he the sd Samuel would emancipate the negroes himself, as, this affiant feels no hesitation in swearing he believes was the Wish of the said Overton they should be. This affiant could mention other Facts and circumstances tending to show how cardinal a point the abolition of Domestic Slavery, as for [illegible] promote it, was with his Father the said Overton but deeming what he has said sufficient to put the matter beyond all controversy further this affiant saith not. This day Jonathan Boucher Carr the above affiant, came before me a Justice of the peace for the County of Albemarle & made Oath on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God, that the facts contained in the within affidavit are true to the best of his belief & knowledge. Given under my hand this first day of January eighteen hundred and eleven. G. Carr