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To all to Whome [sic] these Presents shall come I James Ewell of the Parish of Christ-Church, In the County of Lancaster send Greetings. Now Know That I the said James Ewell for and In Consideration of the Love and Affection I Bear Unto my Daughter Sally Conway Ewell Have given Granted, and by these Presents do give grant fully and absolutely unto my said Daughter Sally Conway Ewell and her Heirs for Ever The Following Negroes, Molly, David, Kendal, Mimma, & Mimy and their Increase to have and hold and Enjoy the said Negroes and their Increase against the claim of any Person or Persons whatsoever and I do hereby Warrant and Defend the Title of the said Negroes and their Increase In Witness Whereof I have Hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this Sixteenth Day of December Anno Dom: One Thousand Seven Hundred And Eighty Eight . James Ewell Seal Signd Seald and Deliver'd } In Presence of us } William Brown Newton Brent

At a Court held for Lancaster County the 16th day of December 1788 This Bill of Sale from James Ewell Gent to his Daughter Sally Conway Ewell was acknowledged in open Court by the said James Ewell Gent