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of the said Richard Glascock, and Ann S. Brent, for, and during the natural life of Richard Glascock and no longer (except the Dower) and upon this express condition, that the aforesaid intended marriage should take place and be carried into Effect between the sd. Glascock, & The sd. Brent. This Indenture, made, signed, sealed and delivered this 18th day of August in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight hundred Richard Glascock {seal} Anne S. Brent {seal} Test Spencer Ball Junior Thos G. Robertson Lucinda L Hunt John Hunt Marriage Contract between Richard Glascock and Anne S. Brent 1800, pv'd by 2 Wits. & O.R. Recorded & examined J Towles At a court held for Lancaster county on the 20th day of Octo 1800 This Contract in consideration of a marriage between Richard Glascock and Ann S. Brent was proved by the oaths of Thomas G. Robertson and John Hunt witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste James Towles Clk