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and under such provisions and agreements as are hereinafter mentioned that is to say, in trust that they the said [blank] their Executors, Admors, & assigns shall and do permit the said Henry M Armistead, during the joint lives of the said Henry M Armistead and Angelina his wife to have, enjoy possession of, receive and take all the interest and profits of the said property hereby conveyed, to and for the exclusive benefit & use of his wife Angelina aforesaid, and from and after the decease of such of them the said Henry M Armistead and Angelina his wife as shall first happen to die, then upon trust that they the said [blank] their Executors Admors & assigns shall and do assign transfer and deliver over all the said property to the said Angelina in case she survives the said Henry M Armistead, but if she die before him, then unto such person and persons and at the time and times, and in such parts and proportions, manner and form as she the said Angelina shall from time to time notwithstanding her coverture, by any writing or writings, under her hand & seal, attested by two or more credible witnesses, or by her last will and Testament in writing, to be by her signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of the legal number of Witnesses, direct [limit?] or appoint, to the intent that the same may not be at any tie at the disposal of or subject to the contrroll debtors heretofore contracted or hereafter contracted by the said Henry M. Armistead, and in default of such direction, limitation or appointment then the Trustee aforesaid, their Exors or Admors or the survivor of them are to hold the property aforesaid for the sole use and benefit of said Henry M. Armistead during his life not to be subject to pay any debt which he may have already contracted or may hereafter contract but to be disposed of by him by will as he may trust proper and in the event of his dying without making a will then the said property is to go to his next of kin. And upon this further trust that if the said Henry M Armistead, his Exors, or Admors shall fail to pay to the said Douglas B Hancock his heirs exors

or admors the debt of Eleven hundred and sixteen