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Annek Trusty and Webleloved Wee greet you well Whereas the Owners and Freighters of the ship George Ourthen one Hundred and Twenty Tuns and carrying Six Guns and twelve men, whereof Thomas Hunt is a master bound to Virginia have humbly besought Us that wee would be gracious pleased to give Orders to to our Governors of our Plantations and Colonys in America that in case the said ship should put into any of the Ports there, she should be permitted to take in her Lading and not be detained upon account of Convoy beyond the time of her intended Departure from thence wee having had the Opinion of Our High Admiral upon that matter are graciously pleased to grant their Request And Wee do hereby signify our Will and Pleasure to you, that you permit the said ship if it comes into any Port of your Government to take in her Lading and said at Pleasure without stopping for F-18 Ship George not to be enlarged in the West Indys