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Charter members (continued) Smith, Mary E. Smith, Margaret H. Smith, Clara Saunders, Elizabeth A. Townsend, Etta Tryphener Wallace, William Franklin Wallace, Agatha Wallace, John James Wallace, Joseph S. Wallace, Rosa F. Wallace, Maud Wallace, William K. Wallace, Margaret R. Wallace, William R. Wallace, George A. Wallace, Levenia E. Wallace, Mathew E. Wallace, Elizabeth A. Wallace, John A. Wallace, George Hayes Wallace, Robert T. Wallace, J. Servern Wallace, Frank Wallace, Nora R. Wallace, Charles T. Wallace, Sallie A. Wallace, Lula F. Wallace, Martha V. Wallace, Mary M. Wallace, Alice J. Wallace, Mary Agnes Wallace, Charles E. Wallace, Lessie Watson, George T. Watson, Ever Watson, Annie Blanch Wyatt, William T. Wyatt, Annie Amelia Wyatt, Susan Wyatt, Mary E. Wyatt, Annie L. Wyatt, C. C. Wyatt, Mary V. Wyatt, Nora Wyatt, Katie M. Wyatt, George T. Wyatt, Ever Wyatt, Annie Blanch FOX HILL CENTRAL -3-