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Females-Latitia Boswell, Emily Heald, Virginia Custis, Elizth Powell, Maria Heald, Elizth G Elliott, Mary Nixon, Ann Chapman, Ann Gordan, Elizabeth Curtis, Lucy Power, Eliz Nottingham, Mary Powell, Zana Hansford, Mary Garrett, Elizth Wright, Maria Hogg, 21 Saarah Hogg, Frances Hogg, Sarah Hogg, Mary Hogg, 22 Mary Radcliffe, Elizth Howard, Mahala Elliott.

All of these persons had been previously members of a church by the same name at the same place, & several had withdrawn; [illegible] being determined not to submit to what among the Baptist Churches was known [illegible] the Dover decree having for their object the exclusion of all who read the publications of Alexander Campbell or want to hear those people who favored [illegible] those above named also, being [illegible] to human creeds as a bond [illegible] formed themselves into a separate keeping all the ordinances [in blot] In coming [illegible] having [illegible] their