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On October 15, 1965, the Bethel membership celebrated the 125 years that their church as a constituted church had been in existence. At the same time an open house was held for all of the current and former Bethel members and their friends. The membership had moved into the new sanctuary only a few weeks before the eventful day, making this the sixth regular church building.

 Former pastors--Blackman, Connely, Crute, Estes, Nichols, Sweet--and their families attended, some from many miles away. Peninsula pastors from nearby churches also attended one or more services. All had parts on the program, while Robert Louis Crute was the guest soloist.
 The services extended for a whole day with dinner provided by the church. Members from far and near attended at least one of the three services. The beauty of the new sanctuary filled everyone with joy and pride. The fact that all of the church furnishings had been donated by individual members, often in memory of loved ones, increased the membership's feelings of personal involvement. (The cushions for the pews were given later by Mrs.