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successful. With Robert Ambrose as leader, the children's worship service on Sunday mornings for four and five year olds was revived and continues to meet. Mr. Ambrose has also been instrumental in causing the Bethel library to be enlarged in number of books and to begin in active circulation among the membership. The WMU, having returned to circle meetings, both daytime and night, is reaching more of the women. All of the youth organizations, especially the RA's, under the direction of W.T. Davis, have participated in continued activities throughout each year. The church provides weekly Bible study and fellowship for the youth, and many of the young people attend the summer camps. Since 1941 the Vacation Bible Schools, sponsored every year, have been extremely meaningful and far-reaching. Conducted in the past in June, they have been held more recently in August. For many years the ladies of he church have operated a nursery during the two services on Sunday and during the weekly prayer meeting on Wednesday. Today, both men and women sign up well in advance for a particular time to keep the nursery so that mothers may have an opportunity for more devout worship, but over the years the leader in charge has generally been Mrs. Barbara Slaughter.

Each year, in cooperation with the church program advanced by Southern Baptists, Bethel ahs held men's day in January. On these days the men of the church begin the day with breakfast cooked by the men, followed by a lay speaker. While the speaker changes from year to year, the head cook, Mr. Bill Dudley, stays the same. The men, also conduct the entire worship services for the rest of he day. These services have really been mountaintop experiences for all of the Bethel family, comparable to the revivals which the church continues to conduct yearly.