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At a Court held for York County 24th May 1703

Certificate according to Act of Assembly was this day granted unto Madm: Jane Parke Wife & Attorney of Daniel Parke Esqr on her mocon [motion] for ye importation of seventy persons unto this Colony of Virginia (Vizt) Mary Angell, John Davis, Tho: Snowden, Wm Harris, Danl Richly, Geo: Gallan, Edwd Fitzgerard, Jno Poward, Eliz: Collins, Mary Bedwell, Mary Winter, Wm Farr, Char: Gregory, Sarah Shakbolt, Doro: White, Sarah Love, Rob't Morgan, Mary Jones, Anne Willison, Scotch Andrew, Mary Cox, Jno Heeson, Eliz: Jackson, Wm Brandshaw, Jno Crabb, Mary his wife, Tho: Ledmore, Wm Jones, Jno Howe, Humph: Amy, Tho: Haustone, Mary Isaac, Saml Aplin, Wm Edwards, Jno Rowly, Susan Stout, Anne Jones, Sarah Ansell, Mary King, Mary Nash, Eliz: Davis, Mary Wallis, Reuben Newman, Mary Smith, Eliz: Smith, Richd Hooper, Jno Hopkins, Lucy Matthews, Anne Johnson, Winifred Cobb, Eliz. Weston, Eliza: Evans, Tho: Tomson, Morgan Davis, Christian Macary, Margt: Mollard, Wm Richards, Margt Pane, Jno Lance, Tho: Saunders, Michl: Hill, Anne [Habacar?], Margt: Darnell, Wm Whitefield, Eliz: his wife, Jno Monk, Wm Doleman, Wm Wizard, Eliza: Gibson, Susanna Emerton, She ye above named Madam Jane Parke having this day made Oath that as Yet there was never any Land taken up for them ut alias

Cop: Test Phi: Lightfoot Cl Cur [Clerk of Court]

[in pencil] F15 4