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Inventory of Willm Tomlinson Senior deceasd taken this 28th day of 8br 1699. Imprimis: Six cows att 2100 Three two year old cattle & advantage 600 two yearlings 200 ffour calves 200 one old horse 400 one mare and fillie 600 one old feather bed and furniture and bedstead 650 two flock beds and furniture bedsteads 500 one gun and two locks 100 two old saddles 100 two old chests 100 thirty three pounds of pewter at 6d 198 six plates at 6 036 two iron pots weighing 56 at 2 pence 112 two old frying panns spit and ladle forke 060 two old brass kettles 100 four iron wedges 030 old lumber and one pair small stillyards 200 [total] 6286 As in obedience to an ordr of court dated the 3d day of augt 1699 we the appraisers Roger Rees. Mich: Rossar Dan'll Higden and Tho. Anderson have done et Supra

Sworne before me 8br ye 28th 1699 Micajah Lowe Roger R Rees his marck Michaell Rossar Dan'll Higdon Thomas Anderson

Cha: City County Court 9ber ye 3d 1699: ye above inventory was presntd to ye court by Mary Tomlinson on oath and at her motion is ordered to be recorded. Test Jno Taylor ClCur Virga Ss Be it known to all men by these prsents yt I Arthur Trist (being a goeing (with Gods leav & a voiage to Barbadoes) do hereby constitute and appoint my loving friend Jno Taylor my true and lawfull attorney for me and in my name to ask demand sue for recover and receive all debts that are due or oweing to me the said Arthur Frist by or from any person or persons whatsoever and generally to act & do in my business as he shall think most fitt in as large and ample manner to all intents and purposes as I my selfe might or could do if personally prsent hereby promising and oblidging my selfe my heirs executors and administrs to hold for valid and to ratifie and confirme whatsoever my said attorney shall doe or cause to be done in ye prmises as wittness my hand and seale this 27th day of Octobr 1699 Arthur Frist [seal]

Signd seald and delivered in presence of D Clarke Ruth Garthwaite {Cha: City County Court Novemr ye 3d 1699 the above letter of attorney was proved by the oath of Dan'll Clarke in open court an ordered to be recorded Test Jno Taylor ClCur}