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Inventory of Will Tomlington Senior deceased for on this 28th day of [illegible] 1699. Imprimis: Six cows [illegible] Three four year old cattle is advantage two yearlings four calves one old horse one mare and [follie?] one old feather rod and furniture and [illegible] two flock red and furniture [illegible] one gun and two locks two old goats thirty three pounds of [pewter?] six plates at 6 two iron pots weighing 56 at 2 [illegible] two old frying pans spoon and ladle fork two old brief cases four iron wedges old lumber and one pair small [hill yard?]

As in obedience for an order of court dated the 3 day of august 1699 we the appraisers Roger Roos, Mick Rofsar, Dan Higdon , and Thoedore Anderson have done at [super?]

[Leorne?] before me [illegible] 28th 1699 Micajah Lowe Roger R [illegible]

   his [marck?]

Michael Rofsor Dan Higdon Thomas Anderson Chas City County Court on the 3rd [illegible] above [illegible] way paid to if courts by many founding on an oath and as her motion is adjourned to be [warded?]. [illegible] Taylor [illegible]. Virginia. Be it known to all man by the rights [illegible] Author [Fredricksburg?] a gong with [illegible] voyage to Barbados. Do hear by constitute and appoint my loving friend In. Taylor my [illegible] and lawful attorney for me and in my name to ask demand sue for recover and receive all debts that are due or are owing to me for the [illegible] Author first by or from any person or persons whatsoever and generally to [illegible] in my [illegible] as he shall think. Most fit in as large and ample manner for all intents and profits as [illegible] self might or could do if profoundly profound hereby promoting and obligating my self my hairs executors and administers to [illegible]for valid and for ratify an confirm my whatsoever my said attorney shall do or [illegible] to be done.[illegible] as witness my hand and seal this 27th day of October 1699 Sign, seals and delivers in presence of ..... D Clarke Ruth Gartharaile Author First: {November 3rd [illegible] tho about letter of attorney was proved by the [bath?] of Dan Clarke in [illegible] an ordered to be recorded } [illegible name]