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Brunswick County to Wit[,,?]

The Grand Jurors of the Commonwealth of Virginia, for the body of the District composed of the Counties of Greenseville, Brunswick, Lunenburg, and Mecklenburg, duly impaneled and sworn to enquire of and present, all treasons, murders, felonies, and other misdemeanours whatsoever, committed or done within the body of the District aforesaid, upon their oaths present, that Lucy a black woman [continues in middle of next line in image; uncertain if any writing seen before continuation] late of the parish of Saint Andrews in the County of Brunswick aforesaid Spinster and labourer [this word seemingly "added" (by another writer? in different (darker?) ink?) in an extended "blank" space before the next word] not having the fear of God before her eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil, on the [following date also possibly in a different ink (?)] twenty seventh Day of november [seemingly back to main text/writing here:] in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and six, and in the thirty first year of the Commonwealth, with force and arms, at the parish of Saint Andrews, in the County of Brunswick aforesaid, and within the jurisdiction of the Superiour Court held at Brunswick Courthouse for the District aforesaid, in and upon a certain negroe [following word again seemingly within "extra" "blank" space, and seemingly in different/darker ink/writing] man [back to main text] slave named Arthur, the property of one John Matthews, then and there in the peace of God and of the Commonwealth being, feloniously wilfully and of her malice aforethought, did make an assault; and that the said black woman named Lucy, with a certain spade, made of iron, steel and wood, of the value of one dollar, current money of the United States, which the said black woman named Lucy as aforesaid, in her right hand then and there had and held, the said negroe [following "man" seemingly written specially -- as above:] man slave named Arthur the proper slave of the said John Matthews, in and upon the [following word again within "extra" space, and in different (darker?) ink; also, it seems that there might be writing "beneath" which has been "erased"/removed:] shoulders [2 roughly-horizontal lines resembling "dashes" (the 1st longer than the 2nd; the 1st within the line of writing in the image, the 2nd below it:] [back to main text] of him the said negroe [following "man" again seemingly written specially:] man named Arthur, then and there feloniously