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456: it being ye uper part & ye other given to his saide son John ffarlo which sd Land sinc the saide Womack & ffarlo hath binn in possesson of hath by their one good wills & free Consent divided with the assistance of Herk fflood Will:m Jones & Henry Jones who by the Consent of boath parties ffarlo & Womack being chosen and have marked a Line through ye Midell [I] the said Womack and ffarlo being fully sattisfied and contented and now doe by these prsents freely make over with ye consent of my wife Eliz:ba ffarlo all our right title claime Dowers or Intrest from our selves or heirs for ever unto ye afforesaid John Hardiman his heirs or assignes for ever warrenting ye said Hardiman a good title their with and with all ye Appurtenances that now the saide Land is possed of as houses Orchard fences or any other thing or things that can or may be now groeing or standing upon the said Land & further doe warrent to keep harmless and Indemnifie ye said Hardiman & his heirs for ever from all Claims demand or Incumbrances what soe as wittness my hand and seale this 5th of October 1696

John I F ffarley his mark

Signed Sealed & Delive'd in presents of us Mary Kennon Elizabeth Kennon {On ye back of this deed are the following assignments & Certificates}

Charles Citty County Court att Westover Oct:ber 5 1696 Acknowledged in open court by ye sd John ffarley unto the said John Hardiman and Elizba: his wife Relinqsheth her right of dower of and in the said Land to the same John Hardiman Test James Mingstand and Ordered by the Justices that this deed be Recorded & it is Recorded & certified p JM Coy I the Subscriber doe assigne this within deed of Land unto Samuel Brooke warrenting the same deed to be good from me my heirs Execut:rs or Administr or any other person or wittness my hand this 4th 9br 1698 John Hardiman Acknowledged in Open Court by the sd John Hardiman unto Samuel Brookes the forth day of November 1698 Test James Mings Ordered this deed be Recorded by J M: Recorded Nov: 4: 1698 James Mings Cl Cur