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and the said Washington Croft the defendant still doth unjustly detain the said negroe slaves and goods & chattels from the said plaintiff executor as aforesaid of Susannah Simmons deceased, who was executrix of Henry Simmons deceased, whereby the plaintiff as executor aforesaid has sustained damage of [blank] Pounds. Wherefore he brings suit &c. and he brings into court letters testamentary, whereby it appears that he is executor &c. Robertson for pff.

R. Henry Morris, Exor. of S.Simmons decd. who was Exx. of Henry Simmons decd. vs Washington Croft.

Decla in detinue October 1794

Com Order vs Deft Novr. C.O. Confd. with Writ of Inq. Apl. 1795 Contd. Generally Sep. Contd. P Deft Apl. 1796 Verd. & Judgmt. P plt.