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The Commonwealth of Virginia To the Sherif of Brunswk County Greeting We Command you to take Washington Craft if he be found within your Bailiwick and him safely keep so that you have his body before the Judges of our District Court held at Brunswick Courthouse on the first Day of the next Court To Answer Henry Morris acting exor of Susannah Simmons deced who was executrix of Henry Simmons Senr. Deced of a plea of Detinue for three Negroes Liddy of value of £80 Billy value of £60 Jesse value of £60 & the following articles a sorrell horse value of £15 a Gold ring value 24/. three pewter dishes & one Butter pot value 30/. a set of weaving harness value 6/. Dam £50 And have then there this Writ Witness Harrison Randolph Clerk of our said Court the ninth Day of April 1794 In the 18 year of our Foundation H. Randolph Damage above £350