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Brunswick District [illegible] county to wit. [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] _____ complain of Ephram Garham [Def?] in [illegible] and for forth for this to wit; that whereas the faid [Ishmail?] _____ the plaintiff, is a good, true, honeft, and faithful citizen of Virginia, and as [Fuch?], from the time of [illegible] birth hitherto hath behaved and, carried from left and was reputed to be of a good name, condition and converlatin, and free from any crime, and particularly from the crimes of felony [illegible] Neverthelefs the faid Ephram _____ the defendant, well knowing the premifes, and malicioufly contriving to deprive the plain- tiff of her good name, credit, and reputation as aforefaid, and to subject [illegible] to the penalties of the law, and to bring him into infamy and difgrace, on the [illegible] day of [suficient?] in the year of our Lord 1795 at the parifh of