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9 over and above what was recovered by the said decree; which Surplus, after deducting the mesne profits of the said lands, and damages, for the waste sale and destruction committed thereon by the complainants during their unjust possession and this defendant's costs, is the most that, as this defendant apprehends they can be entitled to. And therefore this defendant doth demur to so much of the complainant’s said bill of complainant as seeks any further or other relief, than a decree for such Surplus, and for cause of demurer sheweth that there is no equity in their demand of any thing more. And this defendant doth deny all unlawful combination and confederacy in the bill charged. Without that, that any other matter or thing in the said complainants bill of complaint contained, material or effectual for him this defendant to answer unto, and not herein and hereby sufficiently answered unto, confessed or avoided and traversed or denied, is true to the Knowledge or belief of this defendant All which matters and things this defendant is ready to aver and prove as this honorable court shall award and humbly prays to be hence dismissed with his reasonable costs & charges in this behalf most wrongfully sustained.

Dinwiddie county, to wit.

The above named Charles Turnbull made oath before me the subscriber, one of his majesty’s justices of Peace of Dinwiddie County, that all the matters and things contained in this his answer, so far as they relate to his own actings and doings, are true, to the best of his knowledge and remembrance; and that he believes such of them as relate to the actings and doings of others Person or persons to be true. Sworn to this ninth day of July 1764. certifyed by John Jones